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Японцы дают миру не только классные карты, но иногда и охренительной величины моды, ставящие целью добавление большего реализма. Вот это все, что снизу (писал японец по английски, понятно далеко не все) - оно уже готово и ждет пользователей. Пока что Евро сервером нету, но народ в ажиотаже, поэтому они точно не за горами.
Hi all!
Please let me introduce the MOD and the server.

In the Realwar Server (IP ) it is possible to play being closer to realism with RMFMOD is used.

What is RMFMOD?
I it would be easier to understand if I list the following features:

・Grenade and the satchel charge throw return
It is possible to pick it up with the USE key while looking at either the Satchel or the F1 grenade. (not sure what you were writing before, I'm sorry I like it though!)

・It is a salvable system as for the comrade-in-arms.
It decreases the damage range when covering to Grenade and the satchel charge thrown out and leaving. (???)

・Machine gun's barrel lasts longer.
Steam occurs faster but breaking takes more time.

・Panzerfaust back end blast.
Damage can be inflicted backwards when it is shot. It is reflection damage when there is an
obstacle. Effect is added.

・Warhead model of Panzerfaust changed.
The model of the launched warhead is changed for the Panzerfaust. It no longer has smoke because
there is not an impellent in the actual Panzerfaust.

・The ammunition of MG42s are increased to 250.

・Manual reload for main tank gun

・The speed of tanks have been adjusted.

・Getting on and off positioning of tank. (???) EDIT: From what I've seen of his screenshots, it means NON-TANK DRIVERS can BOARD THE TANK! OH MY GOD!

・The ground shakes when the tank passes nearby.

・Penetration of bullet and tank/cannon rounds.
It changes according to the material and the thickness of the wall.

・Bullet and cannonball damage adjustment.

・Reactionary adjustment of small arms. (? gun sight adjustment?)

・View effect when arms are launched
It grows dim. (???)

・It grows dim when the aspect is far when making it to the iron site. (???)

・To the restraint of the tracer. (? Tracers give less light out?)

・There is view of the impact when a cannon round hits the vehicle.

・Behavior change when tanks lose a track.
It is possible to move only one track, and cutting Hatai disappears. (???)

・Behavior change vehicle is damaged
It doesn't explode even if getting off as the engine damage and the Hatai
cutting, etc.

・Correction of universal voice commands. They are more locational now.

・A half track and a universal career are Hatai cutting. When the tire breaks as for BA64, the steering wheel is impaired.

・For skin in each MAP.

・Helmet variation.

・Grenade can be used together with the smoke screen.

・PTRD Classes can have their own primary weaponry (rifles, smgs, etc).
・System of weight of arms
The jump power and it speed changes by the combined weight of weapons.

・Armor adjustment of tank
The turret and the body are seperate hitboxes/entities that can be damaged.

・It the armor considers it excluding the tank.

・The damage of satchel charges changes depending on their planted location.

・An inside crew can be killed bu penetration.

・An increase in a smoke screen's duration.

・Impact sounds when bullets hit people.

・Bots cannot board tanks.

The above-mentioned are the main features.
Please refer below for images of the skins that have been introduced now.

Soviet Red Army


Waffen SS

Necessary MOD&MAP can be downloaded below URL in the Realwar server.
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