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а что скажете насчёт проги GameJack??

To Play mounted.

Download and install Gamejack 5 newest version at http://www.gamejack.org/

Create the Game Jack virtual drive and install game mounted from here.

Now you need to add the game to Gamejack game starter.Easiest way to do this
is to open Gamejack, goto detect copy protection,choose your install folder for the
game.(most likely C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas).Then click
start scanning.Once game is scanned there will be button at the bottom saying
"Add to gamestarter".Click it!

Make sure the DVD is mounted.

Then click gamestarter.San Andreas will be listed.Right click its icon on this page and
click start.

ща инфу о проге достану может быть

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