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Прям только что вышел патч =) Жал F5 на странице со скачкой файлов и появились ссылки...))

Added server-side cvars "tkremove" and "tkdetect" to help deal with team killers
Added cvar "ins_dmgfactor"
Added super-sonic bullet whiz effect
Added incremental weapon sway when low on stamina
Added hint reminding you of alternate stance modes
Added weapon slot keys
Added new map ins_hillah

Changed "sv_alltalk" to default to "0"
Increased rate of fire of M249 to be that of its real life counterpart
Replaced round-restart commands with "ins_restart_game" and "ins_restart_round"
Renamed server-side cvar "ins_endtime" to "mp_chattime"
Renamed server-side cvar "ins_friendlyfire" to "mp_friendlyfire"

Fixed attacking with grenades while sprinting
Fixed bipod view locking issues while moving in prone
Fixed exploit allowing people to finish reloading their weapon at abnormally fast speeds
Fixed exploit allowing people to go from standing to prone super fast
Fixed explosions recording deaths as suicides
Fixed iron sights twitching under lag
Fixed pausing of automatic sounds
Fixed people being unable to use grenade if attacking while going prone
Fixed players automatically spawning when they enter the server
Fixed reloading with M249
Fixed shells sticking to players and floating in mid-air
Fixed strange behavior in the shotgun reload
Fixed various server and client-side exploits and crashes

Changing class doesn't kill you anymore
Client DLLs now built without SSE, fixing a small problem for people with no SSE support on their CPU
Hint to suggest use of "cl_stancemode 1"
Optimized dust effects to use less CPU
Removed ability to use spraypaint or flashlights in spectator mode
Various gameplay balance improvements
Various small FPS improvements
Для сети Insurgency-Beta1.1-Patch.exe
Для инета http://www.insmod.net/downloads

Сервер обновлен
Сейчас включена новая карта ins_hillah

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