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Нашёл в DC Bioshock - PacSteam Version

Description: BioShock lets you do the impossible as you explore a
mysterious underwater city. When your plane crashes, you discover Rapture
- an underwater Utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful
forces and hunted down by genetically modified "splicers" and deadly
security systems, you have to come to grips with a deadly, mysterious
world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. As
little girls loot the dead, and biologically mutated citizens ambush
you at every turn. Now you're trapped, caught in the middle of a
genetic war that will challenge both your capacity to survive and your moral
allegiance to your own humanity. Make meaningful and mature decisions that
culminate in the grand question - do you exploit the innocent survivors of
Rapture to save yourself - or risk all to become their savior?

How To Play:

#1 - Download PacSteam here: http://rapidshare.com/files/49737321/pacsteam-18-08-07.exe #2 - Install PacSteam.
#3 - UnRAR the game files to your PacSteam steamapps directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\PacSteam\SteamApps).
#4 - Run PacSteam and login with a blank (no games) Steam account.
#5 - BioShock should be at 100% - Ready. Just load it up and play.
#6 - You can talk to friends on Steam etc. PacSteam will run like Steam.
#7 - Enjoy, and seed if you want to see more releases from us .

We thank the following people...
Matt, for downloading this file and giving it to us. You roxx .
~BV~, for making this sexy NFO () and for formatting the torrent. Woot, that's me .
PaCmAn for creating PacSteam, the driving force of the Steam underground. GO PACMAN!

And Finally...

2K Games, for making this game. If you like it, buy it. They worked hard to make this and deserve some props. GJ 2K!

iF yOu dOnT sEeD, gO fUkIn dIe. gIve bAcK tO tHe cOmmUnItY.
Но раздающий отвалился, а я сейчас на раоте, так что качать некогда и искать сейчас не могу...

И исчо есть http://torrentspy.com/torrent/1944209/Bioshock_RELOADED

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