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localization team - bughunters recruiting
reported by CCP Tryphon | 2007.09.19 16:19:41 | NEW

As part of the next major expansion, CCP will be launching Localized clients for Russian and Japanese, as well as expanding the German Client. The Bughunter team is now recruiting a new team of players, the Localization test team. This team will comprise of native speakers of the languages in question who will review the work of the translation team. This is to ensure that the translations fit properly into the context intended as the professional translation companies understandably lack the experience in the game that the players have. Therefore we are looking for people that are fluent in English, the languages we are releasing, AND play the game. If you fit that criteria and would like to be part of the team that brings EVE-Online to the non English-speaking public... then apply within, we'd love to have you on board.

Выводы - русский будет Дело времени.
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