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Arrow Problem downloading DoD: Source No-Steam!

First of all - I don`t speak russian so I just write in English.
I have a cracked steam and I often visited your DOD server. But now I can`t. My steam required a update so I did it. Now I can`t connect to the gmnet.ru DOD server, because you guys use the older version. After that, I visited your webpage and wanted to download the non-steamed older ( for your server) version. I red the FAQ, and clicked on the link - (http://gmnet.ru/forums/showthread.php?t=9758) `Ссылки для пользователей из Интернета!` - because I use internet (FF). Here goes the problem - the link doesnt work so I can`t dl the game.

I need to dl those files:
Day of Defeat Source [ 13.03.07 full ]
Day of Defeat Source [ 19.09.06 - 13.03.07 update ]
but the http://files.art-game.net/DoDS/DoDSo...ull_130307.exe link, for dl is not working.

Thats all, I hope you can help me.
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