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There's a feeling you get when playing Operation Flashpoint that no game since has managed to capture. Not even Oblivion. The feeling of being a real person, alone, in a dangerous place, and each step you take across the game's huge landscape could well be your last. You agree? Then be heartened by this.

The latest issue of PC Gamer runs a preview of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon, which can be bust summed up by their calling it "the most mind-bogglingly vast and mercilessly realistic battlefield gaming has ever known". Vast, check, merciless, check, OK, that's enough to get me excited. OFP2 is also a cover feature in August edition of PC Gamer.

Facts :
- 220 km² island called Skira (based on a real island)
- 30 Air and ground Vehicles (Ah-1Z, M1A1, M2A3)
- 70 weapons (FGM-148, M 107, Mk 16 Mod 0, Mk 48 Mod 0)
- Dynamic Building Destruction (Buildings do have several desctruction phases)
- destructible trees
- dynamic weather effects
- mud effects (comparison --> Race Driver Grid).
- weapons won't stay shiny all the time... they will get scratches and get dirty while beeing used
- no dynamic campaign
- easy command system with commander overview
- AI uses real military tactics
- Some weapons have to be assembled before it can be used (f.e. the Javelin)
- Gore Limb Dismemberment will be included
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