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Пора воскресить тему Совсем вчерась (ну почти) вывесили новячие объявления на корп. сайте ТВ и других базах данных для геймдевелоперов. Открыты две позиции для прогера, ну тут ничего интересного, а вот Graphics Programmer, совсем другое дело, дает несколько важныхъ clues

Job Opening: Graphics Programmer
By Christian Schneider
Published: 07-15-2008

Graphics Programmer

Tripwire Interactive is currently looking for a Graphics Programmer to work on our next gen PC/Console game using UE3.


* Implement graphical enhancements to the UE3 engine to keep the visuals of the game on the cutting edge.
* Implement animation system enhancements and functionality on top of the existing UE3 animation system.
* Implement complex gameplay systems to create an excellent gameplay experience.


* Highly proficient in C++ and object-oriented design
* 3+ years industry experience
* Experience in HLSL/CG and pixel & vertex shader assembly
* Experience with 3D graphics APIs (Direct3D 9+ and/or OpenGL)
* Ability to work with artists to make sure they can get the most out of the technology.
* Excellent knowledge of 3d math
* Ability to create highly optimized multiplatform code
* BS (or higher) in Computer Science or similar discipline (Physics, Math, EE, etc.)

Preference to applicants with:

* Shipped PC or next gen console title; preferably on the Xbox 360 and/ or the Playstation 3 console.
* Unreal Engine experience (UE3 experience a major plus)
* Familiarity with post processing algorithms a major plus (e.g. Bloom, HDR, Depth of Field)
* Experience with modern animation techniques(code implementation): IK, CPU & GPU Skinning.
* Familiarity with code optimization and profiling tools (e.g. VTune, PerfHUD, etc)
* Passion for first person shooters
* Familiarity with 3DS Max plug-in development

Tripwire Interactive offers a competitive salary and benefits package and a professional but non-corporate environment. This position is full-time onsite at our studio in Roswell, GA. Please submit your cover letter with resume and salary requirements to jobs@tripwireinteractive.com.
Так же нашел их телефоны, которые на основном сайте не доступны, почему-то:

Main Phone: (770)993-5155
Main Fax: (770)993-5137

Код страны - единица
Зы. так же стало известно, что над игрой работают 15 человек, включая ПР придурков и вебменеждера.
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