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Уважаемый Александр Белясов
Для туземцев (или аборигенов?), описание карты езь?

AntonVcD добавил через 13 Мин. и 15 Сек.

Например вот так: ЗОМБИ

Download: http://www.filefront.com/14754589/OFPZombies_V01b.zip

Instructions: To install simply drag and drop the "OFPZMissions" folder into your data_win/missions folder, located in your primary Operation Flashpoint 2 directory.

- Zombies indefinitely respawn. Waves of never ending zombies.
- Zombies hunt players!! (mmm brains)
- Unique weapon systems. (example, MK48 mod zero with Aimpoint Optic)
- All weapons have a IR lasers and flashlights to aid coop play... Even the Sniper and Machine gunner.
- Infallible mission completion/zombie scripting, as long as one player is left alive, the mission can be completed... and brains will be served!
- No squad AI. 1 to 4 player Coop only.
- Loot zombies for ammunition, only a few carry it. search bodies or risk running dry.
- Team play is required. Extremely challenging in single player.
- Silent play, no longer do you call out enemy location, forcing VOIP team play.
- Silent Enemies, zombies don't talk, they only kill.
- Deformed Zombies who kill with their hands.

Please note that this is a beta, obviously a work in progress. We will be updating and adding more scenarios now that we have our Zombie scripts alive and kicking!
По описанию очень толково все сделано.

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