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Today April 1st, 2010 we're happy to announce the Heroes of Stalingrad release date - April 31st, 2010. Along with this exciting news, we'd like to announce some of the exciting new features of the game:

* Theatre change - now the game is Heroes of The Spanish American War
* Crosshairs now make it easier to hit your target when playing like Rambo
* Shooting poeple that can't see you causes you to die
* Rifles will take 3-5 shots to the chest to kill someone
* New vehicle - Pack mule
* Regenerating health - now instead of fighting, spend most of your game time hiding behind a wall
* No Dedicated Server - who needed them anyway?
* No more ironsights - they weren't really needed apparantly
* Nade drop on death - because everyone likes to randomly be killed with no skill or effort by the other player

We hope to see you on the battlefield!!!

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