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Dark Elf Wizard Level 19 occupation change quest walkthrough

Well your submit news e-mail address was rejecting my mail so I figured i'd just post here. Please move this information into the "?" part of your walkthrough section.

1) Talk to Varika at the Dark Elven Initiation Altar.

2) You must obtain 4 seeds. She gives you the seed of Despair and you can then choose 3 sub quests to obtain the others.

Seeds of Anger:

Go to the waterfall that is northeast of the Altar and talk to Chakeren. He says to kill wood elf zombies in the marsh. He gives you a lucky key for good luck. Collect 3 Family's ashes from the marsh zombies and return them for the seeds of Anger.

Seeds of Horror:

talk to Annika to the right of the entrance of the School of Dark Arts. She will give you a candle. Collect two knee bones off of either: skeleton hunters, skeleton archers or misery skeletons. They are located within the first room of the dungeon. Return with the knees to get the seeds of Horror. ***note her name in the candle description is Annsery***

Seeds of Lunacy:

Talk to Arekenia next to Varika. She gives you the Hub Scent and directs you to kill scout skeletons. Go to Gludio Castle town and out down the west road. Take a left at the first fork, and they will be in the area on the right. Collect 3 hearts of lunacy. Return the hearts to Arekenia to receive the seeds of Lunacy.

3) Hand in all 4 seeds to Varika and she gives you a Jewel of Darkness. Hand this in to Grand Master Xenos in Gludin to change occupations to a Dark Wizard.

Courtesy of Shizuka, Devianne server. Happy Hunting!

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