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Watch_Dogs Director Talks PS4 and Xbox One Effects; Confirms PAX Demo is the PS4 Version, Is Close to Final

The PAX East demo isn’t the PC version, but the PS4 version. Mind you, it most probably runs on a PS4 dev kit, as the clip used as an example to ask the question (at the bottom of the post) shows a PC running, which is probably a dev kit.

The version of the game showcased at PAX isn’t final, but close to the finished version.

Both the PS4 and the Xbox One real reflections of the environment (screen space reflections).

Morin declined to answer on resolutions and frame rates of the Xbox One version as developers are still fine tuning, buy he mentioned that he “played the version and it felt right. Constant smooth frame rate & great visuals.”

The Depth of Field effect is present during gameplay.

The shooting controls are pretty standard: RT=Aim, LT=Shoot & Stick for camera.

There won’t be cheat codes in the game.

Info about the Season Pass will come “later.”

Dynamism, density, depth and freedom are what Morin wants from an open world. The team worked hard to push those to new grounds.

Morin actually didn’t hear any news yet about the a potential Wii U release this fall.
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