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на каком году эта игра основана?? анти-магнитная броня на тигре только в конце 44 появилась вроде.. а в конце 44 мы уже в европе воевали.. и т-34 уже были другие не как на скриншотах...


Enter the Chemische Werke Zimmer (Zimmer Chemical Company) of Berlin. In 1943 the well-known manufacturer of paints introduced the eponymous Zimmerit. In August of that same year the order went out to coat the vertical surfaces of Armored Fighting Vehicles with this new product.
Типа начали мазать - август 1943 .

In September 1944 the order went out to cease the use of Zimmerit. Thus vehicles manufactured after that date did not have this coating. There had been a rumor that this decision was based on the belief that Zimmerit sometimes caused fires when struck by shells, but this was never substantiated. More likely, the order was influenced by the opinion that magnetic anti-tank mines were not used frequently enough to warrant the time and expense involved in applying Zimmerit, especially at a time when Germany needed to roll tanks out of the factory as quickly as possible.
Типа кончили мазать - сентябрь 1944 .

P.S. Но женщин я люблю .

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