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Старый 13.01.2006, 20:50   #46
Младший сержант
Аватар для Shannon
Регистрация: 29.09.2005
Адрес: Nottengem Forest
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Сообщение от NiKy
Ты его там бил ?? Если нет то не говори чего не знаешь !! Половина страниц лута это квестовые вещи !!
Да я там Был!!! правда токо зрителем, так как ака моего там нет...
И могу повторить что видел! Не Бубни )))
Shannon вне форума  
Старый 14.01.2006, 01:37   #47
Регистрация: 02.07.2005
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Прочитал на одном дыхании!
Вот бы нам так!
Рейд на Нефариана

P.S. Кому будет интересно- переведет
P H A S E - I
After talking to Nefarian, Drakonids spawn from two entrances in the room. For each instance id two brood afflictions are randomly chosen for them. Each entrance spawns one type. The Drakonids will continue to spawn until 42 of them have been killed. Then Nefarian lands --> Phase II.

Nefarius himself runs around the room during this phase, casts shadowbolts and sheeps players.

P H A S E - I I
Nefarian (bid dragon) lands.

Nefarian Shouts

Nefarian tries to push each class to maximum effect, this is what will happen:

Priests - Must not heal, otherwise the target will get a stacking debuff with each heal that lands (lasts 20-30 seconds)
Druids - Stuck in catform
Rogues - Will be ported to Nefarian and cannot move
Mages - Random polymorph of other raidmembers into giraffs/cows/etc. (Ice block can counter this, also LoS)
Warrior - Stuck in Berserker Stance
Warlocks - Spawning infernals
Hunters - Ranged weapon in use will break (unequip before each class call)
Paladins - Nefarian becomes immune to melee damage
Shaman - Hostile totems

Apparently these happen one at a time... remotely similar to Bloodlord Mandokir's "I'm watching you"

Bellowing Roar
Simple AoE fear. Can be countered by Fear Ward and Berserker Rage. LoS check.

Tail Whip
Stuns briefly. (damage? duration?)

Frontal physical AoE (not yet exactly sure about its AoE angle, seems to be somewhere between 90 and 120°)

-75% healing curse
Dispellable -75% healing curse on the current aggro-holder. Has to be dispelled

P H A S E - I I I
At 20% Nefarian resurrects the previously killed drakonids as undead.

--- Our current tactic ---


We split raid into two independent teams. They are camping one spawn point each. Rogues and Warriors of each team stand right in the gate to the cave where the Drakonids spawn. Via /assist they focus all damage on one after another and kill them as fast as they spawn. The warriors in the teams will mainly use cleave/retaliation/sweeping strike/whirlwind whenever available to get as much aggro on them as possible. Mages/Warlocks keep the are under constandt blizzard/fire rain. No more than 4 drakonids should be alive at one time. Those who get shadowbolted by Nefarian during this phase have to be healed quickly. Usually Nefarius pesters the team at the spawn point near the room entrance.

(we usually have 3 warriors on each side)

(in case of red drakonids warlock AoE has no effect on them, so we have mages in one team, warlocks in the other)


3 Priests and 3 Druids together with MT1 (fearwarded) go grab Nefarian and position him correctly while the rest of the raid kills the remaining Drakonids (spawns stop when Nefarian lands)

From here on its a straight forward fight. Every now and then a AoE fear and a class shout.

Warlock: as soon as the infernals spawn they have to be killed ASAP to prevent them from going rogue on casters.

Priests: the moment the shout goes off, all priests have to immediately cancel their channeled heal, sit there and do nothing until the debuff wears out. If a heal lands, the targetted player gets a stacking DoT DoT each time a heal lands. Renew and shield can still be cast.

Druid: the druid shout doest do anything bad to druids, they are just stuck in cat. However this naturally takes away a lot of healing.

At all times, especially just before a fear, the MT should have a full set of HoTs on him to bridge the heal-less time.

Last but not least the rogue shout: This one just ports the rogues in front of Nefarian in a stun lock. If they get hit by Nefarian's Shadowflame or a couple of cleaves they die. To counter this, Nefarian is always positioned at an angle (see illustration) and in case of a rogue call immediately turned to the alternate position.

Last but not least nefarian casts a -70% healing curse on the MT. Has to be dispelled immediately (druids job).

Mages: Since the mage class call can mess up the tanking and healing quite severely if not dispelled asap, we keep mages in a position without LoS to the MT and Healers (see illustration)


The Drakonids we killed before rise back to life in the exact spot they were killed before. At 22% all mages and warlocks get in position near the spawn points to kill off the bone constructs immediately with AoE. A hunter sets up a frost trap in the middle of the bone pile on each side to slow the initial movement of the spawns.

Mages keep the spawns in nova-lock (using a limited invulnerability potions to get away). Ideally the mobs are all locked down until they are dead. As soon as the first mobs are immobilized Fire Rains and Blizzards are used to kill.

Once the main packs are dead, the spawns that managed to escape are killed and the fight resusmes as normal for the last 20%

--- MODS ------------------------------------

The following mods simplify the fight quite a bit:

1) is an addcounter. This add counts deaths of teh drakonids. it uses the CTRA channel to sync with the othe rplayers to provide accurate figures. One player per group should have this mod installed and set tinto reporting mode by typing: "/nef report".

[Только зарегистрированные и активированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. ]

2) is an improved announcer for all special abilities. This one has to be on the MT. iT is turned on by typing "/nefarian on". Most notable "improvement" is the class call warning a few seconds before it actually goes off... this gives everyone (especially hunters) time to prepare for a call.

[Только зарегистрированные и активированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. ]

Последний раз редактировалось Griver; 14.01.2006 в 01:44.
Griver вне форума  
Старый 14.01.2006, 01:47   #48
Аватар для NiKy
Регистрация: 11.09.2005
Адрес: Оренбург
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Ну так вот я там была играла за рогу 60 левлела попросили , человек отошек курить ( всетаки немало времени надо чтоб зачистить весь БВЛ и выпало там половина квестовых вещей!!
NiKy вне форума  
Старый 19.01.2006, 17:49   #49
Младший сержант
Аватар для Адамант
Регистрация: 03.12.2005
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переведите плиз...
Адамант вне форума  

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